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Sauvage Fashion Show





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This is a taste of what you will find at the W!ld Moon Boutique!
We carry hand made boots from Mexico. Peco Bill and Diamond T. Leather belts from Morroco and Italy.You see over 100 hand woven huipiles (blouse/top) from Guatemala and hand embroidered huipiles from Oaxaca, Mexico. We call them Frida (Kahlo) style. Most of these are vintage.The stone jewelry are locally made by Santa Domingo Pueblo artiest located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM. Silver and turquoise jewelry are mainly Navajo made with some Zuni pieces.We have a large collection of Moroccan clothing. These are hand-woven cotton 60% rayon 40% and sewn in Morocco and dyed here in the US. We have a selection of Moroccan dresses that fit size 8 – 1X and another selection for our voluptuous Goddess that fit from 2X – 5X. We carry several style of dresses including the “magic dress” that can be worn several different ways. We have pants and skirt sets and separates along with ruandas/shawls and coat/jackets that compliment your Moroccan ensemble.

 And just across the patio, you can also visit W!ld Moon Leather Designs!™

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