Spiritual Journeys to Sacred Sites

November, 2013: Peru

My Journey to Peru was phenomenal! My BFF, Linda who did all the Munay-Ki training with me, went this time. We learned so much on so many levels. We experienced the pure essence of Spirit. We first visited Lady de Cao (first female mummy leader found in Peru.) Victor, care taker for Lady de Cao, took us to work for two days. We worked at the Ceremonial site and had Ceremony there too.

admiringartworkWe are admiring our art work on the wall. Far in the distance you see the cover site where Lady de Cao was found. Closer to the wall you see bamboo steaks with glass bottles facing in the same direction. These are strategically placed in four direction around the Ceremonial site facing the wind. Just like when you blow into a bottle a certain way it plays notes, we had a symphony playing during our “hard labor” of Love for Lady de Cao. 😉



Part of the Ceremonial site. See the wind flute in the background?










Larger view of Ceremonial site. Linda in the background working away, while I play taking pictures. 😉











Found in the center of the Ceremonial Site. Fire pit to the right.







Close up of the Jaguar.











Another view of the carved tree stump…Shaman.





offdutyLinda and I “off duty” looking at the site were Lady de Cao was buried.  I designed the poncho/capes we are wearing out of a tradition skirt the ladies where in the Cuzco area. I had three made. One for Linda as a graduation gift for completing her doctorate. Now we call her Dr. Linda. 😉 The third one, I gifted to Vilma, for her transition in life, she is a new Mama!



Linda wearing a replica of Lady de Cao’s dress, head piece, staffs (this indicates she was a leader. All the leaders (male) have been found a staff…she was found with two staffs, and her necklace made of gold.






Me wearing the Lady de Cao regalia.









We stayed a week with Vilma’s family, the Penedo/Sanchez. They are a family of Shamans; well known throughout the world.  We were honored that they open their home to us, and cared for us so lovingly. Vilma’s mother, we call her Mama Maria, cooked for us even washed for us. Wilson, Vilma’s brother, taught us Quethau, how to say Great Spirit’s name, the deeper meaning of Apu. One of it’s many meanings is wise old one. Yes, you have to be old to be an Apu.

We made Ceremony where the Shamans make their Ceremonies. One place was Pachatusan (Navel of the World.) We made a huge Despacho for Pachamama. We could feel the energy. The weather started to turn on us, but we went on. Wilson and Vilma gently blow the clouds away. Wilson Blessed us with the Despacho. We danced and drummed/rattled while the other was being Blessed. The winds got stronger. Wilson starts the fire for the Despacho, but the winds blow it out! We are blocking the wind with our ponchos , capes, whatever we had on…to help start the fire. We ran out of matches…now searching for the lighter. It starts to hail on us. It is so cold. But, we don’t care, we have to start the fire to offer our Despacho to Pachamama. Vilma has 6 month old Maya Angela on her back, we are all huddles trying to protect a tiny fire that keeps going out. I run to get the metal ash tray that has been burning incencio and copal during the making of the Despacho. It is hot! I carry it carefully to where we are desparately trying to start the fire. Wilson and Vilma gently blow away the clouds again, but they are upon us. Wilson places the hot ashtray with smoldering incense. I can’t see what is happening because of all the ponchos and shawls protecting from the wind.

Then there was Fire!. Wilson places the gift for Pachamama/Tonantzin into the Fire. The flames are dancing wildly! Now it is starting to rain. We leave knowing all is well. Pachamama/Tonantzin is being feed.




This is us leaving the Sacred Site on Pachatuson where only Shamans go.




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