Pure Tribalist™ Wearable Art Collection Unveiling

puretribalistThe W!ld Moon Couture™ designer and owner, Sally Moon, is riding the creative wave. Her new Wearable Art Collection, called Pure Tribalist™, was unveiled Friday, Dec. 6, 2013 from 5-8pm during the annual Holiday Stroll in Old Town. Visitors to the Pure Tribalist™ Wearable Art Collection came with an openness to be transported to another world—a surreal, enigmatic, tribal world—and were not disappointed.

Moon has been creating custom leather designs for the better part of two decades. All her creative works are done completely by hand. She takes great pride in the quality and craftswomanship of her work. When asked, “What’s next?” after completing her Xochitl™ Wearable Art Collection last July, Sally shared a sense that her next wearable art collection would showcase lots of natural edges, lots of fringe and a primal essence. Many thought it would resemble Native American styles—but her creative inspirations have gone beyond any one tribal culture. During the process of designing Pure Tribalist™, Moon realized that she had been creating Pure Tribalist™ for years; now she has taken it beyond any of her earlier work. Yet it would be remiss to exclude some of her original designs from the Pure Tribalist ™ Wearable Art Collection.

rexSally Moon demonstrated versatility in leather couture design this fall when she created a black deerskin shirt for Rex Brown, heavy metal bass player formerly of Pantera, Down and now his new band Kill Devil Hill. At their first meeting, Rex confided to Moon that he had wanted a black leather shirt since 1978. You can imagine her delight when he came in for a final fitting and exclaimed, “This is badass!” So, 35-year-old dreams do come true!

Moon specializes in making leather apparel and bags to her clients’ specifications—leather couture. Her wearable art collections are an expression of her personal visions. For example, from the Xochitl™ Wearable Art Collection, the “Finale”—a white deerskin shawl with 18” fringe, handembroidered and beaded flowers, is a stunning piece she envisioned early on. A customer saw it and ordered a version without flowers in blue deerskin. The Collection’s pieces inspire people to commission their own custom designed leather pieces, made to preference and lifestyle.

leatherdressPure Tribalist™ and Xochitl™ Wearable Art Collection will be exhibited through Feb. 28, 2014. Appointments are recommended.

Sally Moon is also the woman behind the W!ld Moon Boutique™—Where the W!ld WoMan Shops!—located in the Patio Market in Old Town Albuquerque. W!ld Moon Couture™ sits directly across the patio. The W!ld Moon Boutique™ carries apparel, boots, jewelry and accessories for women. Most items are natural fibers, hand-woven, handcrafted and come from around the world. You will find XS to 5X in the shop. Moon gives her clients tips on how to look their very best—how to use “illusion” to camouflage the “scale of time.”

Sally Moon is the President of the Old Town Merchants Association (OTMA) and a member of the Business Women of Valencia County (BWVC). She is a danzante, with Kapulli Ehecatl, Aztec Dance group. Moon also leads monthly Celestial Ceremonies: Solstice Fire Ceremony on December 21, at 6:30pm and a New Year’s Day Despacho Ceremony. For information and to RSVP, please use our contact form!